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Carbon Fiber Custom Made

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Carbon Fiber
Custom Made

The carbon fiber has become prominant in the worldwide cycling panorama. Not everybody knows that there are many variety of carbon fiber. The carbon composite is the result of combining carbon fiber and resin matrix. The carbon fiber is very resistant and the resin gives elasticity and durability to the carbon part (in our case, to the tube). Another great advantage of the carbon fiber is that we can place the fiber in the direction that gives us the best technological result. In the end there is the finishing layer, is the one that we can see.

Carbon Fiber Custom Made

Technique of
building the SOMEC carbon fiber tubes

The tubes that SOMEC uses, are built by useing special moulds and with the r.t. system ( during the polymerization the resin is injected at high pressure). this operation allows a better distribution of the resin among the fibers, in order to have a more compact structure. SOMEC uses only carbon fiber of the highest quality, manufactured by companies which supply to the aerospace industries.

Somec uses high quality carbon sheeting, which is shaped by a high precision cutting machine, producing a tube by an advanced way of construction.

The tubing is then heated in an autoclave following a strict protocol that enables Somec to obtain the best from the material allowing for greater efficiency when building.

Honeycomb tubes: this denomination indicates a new process of manufacturing that is new in the bicycle industry but has been used a long time in the f1 cars and in the aerospace industry, where there is the need of high resistance light materials, like the carbon fiber and kevlar. with these two products is realized a sandwich structure: between two layers of carbon fiber. combined with a layer of nomex, which is a material made of aramide which takes the shape of an honeycomb. This kind of building and the use of nomex in the tubes, allows SOMEC to have a frame very rigid. The use of fiber both resistant with elasticty in their disposition, gives high torsion, rigidity and high resistance to the given demands. The SOMEC REVOLUTION frame is built with the innovating honeycomb tubes, in collaboration with the Carbocom’s engineers, whose agressive specific shapes have been designed by the SOMEC technicians.

Carbon fiber custom made

Tubes Features

Down tube

This tube is the most complex: differentiated rolling, high modulus fibers m55j inside, and nomex at high density.


Top tube

The oversized tube dimensions give rigidity as the down tube with the honeycomb technology that reduces the weight.


Seat tube

it is not a simple round tube as the down tube and the top tube it has different thicknesses for reinforcement where it is necessary for strength.


Double Seat Stays

The technology with which the rear triangle is manufactured gives great comfort without compromising the lateral deformation, which can be dangerous to the ride quality.

Carbon Fiber Custom Made

Ways of
building a carbon frame

SOMEC carbon frames have been building or with the warping process or with the monocoque process.

The wrap process and the custom made frame.

SOMEC technicians are carefull to build the ideal frame that meets the needs of the cyclist. SOMEC technicians not only takes precise body measurements of the customer but also gives great attention to their athletic ability, considering everything that can create problems while riding, everything that can help to improve the technical characteristics that the bike has to offer the angles, the length of the tubes and of the rear triangle has to be as established with the customer.

The tubes are cut and milled then assembled useing structural adhesives used also in the aerospace industry then the junction points are wrapped with prepregnated carbon layers. The frame is put in autoclave and then in an oven in order to obtain a rigid and lightweight structure. The wrapping process gives to the frame 15% increased rigidity then the monocoque frames. Due to this process in the material that fits the cyclist’s requirements.


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